Hey there, Colorado service businesses! It’s Nick from Loveland Web Design. Are you managing your Google Ads but not quite hitting the mark? Fret not! I’m here to share some best practices to turn your Google Ads campaigns from ‘meh’ to ‘wow.’

Let’s dive into these expert tips, from Meredith our Certified Google Ads Expert, to elevate your PPC game!

1. Precision in Keywords: Your Secret Weapon

Finding Your Goldilocks Keywords
The right keywords can make or break your campaign. But how do you find the perfect ones? It’s not just about the most popular keywords but about the most relevant ones to your local service.

Start by thinking like your customer – what would they type into Google when looking for your service?

Expert tip – looking at your Google Analytics G4 conversions (if set up right 😶) can give you so much insight into what keywords actually get your phone to ring.

Negate to Navigate
Negative keywords are your unsung heroes. These are keywords for which you don’t want your ads to show up. For instance, if you’re a premium service, you might want to add ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ as negative keywords. This ensures you’re not wasting clicks (and money) on leads that are not your target audience.

2. Beyond the Click: Fine-Tuning Your Campaign

Steering Clear of the Wrong Networks
Did you know that advertising on Google’s Search Partner or Display Networks might not be the best fit for your local services? These networks can drain your budget without bringing in the right leads. Stick to the Google Search Network to reach people actively searching for your services.

Ad Creatives: Test and Triumph
Creating and continually testing new ad creatives is vital. Your goal is to improve your Click-Through Rate (CTR) and decrease your Cost Per Click (CPC). Experiment with different headlines and descriptions. Remember, what resonates with your audience might surprise you!

Expert Tip – You can only have 3 ads per Ad Group. So create 2 ads per Ad Group that are your control ads and don’t edit those. Create 1 ad that you can adjust and test new copy on. That way you always have good ads running and can test copy without affecting your ad results too much.

3. Location and Recommendations: Tweak for Perfection

Location, Location, Location
Ensure your location settings are spot-on. You want to target potential customers in specific areas where your service is available. It’s a common oversight, but correctly setting your location can significantly impact your campaign’s effectiveness. Remember to get as specific as you can! 

Dismissing Unwanted Recommendations
Google will often suggest changes to improve your campaign’s performance score. However, not all recommendations may align with your strategy. It’s okay to dismiss those that don’t fit. This can actually improve your optimization score over time.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Lastly, Google Ads isn’t static; it’s constantly evolving. With hundreds of changes each year, staying updated on each one is crucial. These changes can impact your ads significantly, so keep a finger on the pulse of Google Ads updates.

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