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Complete website design

Marketing Maiden needed a website that supplied all the information a potential client needed but was simple and easy to navigate. They wanted something fresh and modern that would stand out in the marketplace and they got it!

This project was a full design from start to finish. We were able to assist with copy, graphics, videos, and conversion funnels. We helped streamline the information so potential clients wouldn’t get lost in the detail of the page. We also created clear calls to action to help the website convert even more!


Complete website design w/ Woo Commerce integration

This website was created from the ground up. We helped our client with every step of the process from “I need a website and I have no idea what I want and need” to “this website is perfect and everything I wanted.”

This clean but robust website provides detail and information on the products our clients offer featuring Woo Commerce as it’s shop platform.  


Complete website re-design

This website started in such a sad place. Our client had hired a “professional” designer who up and disappeared in the middle of the project taking his money and leaving him with nothing after almost a year of excuses and missed deadlines. Worst was that the structure of the website we inherited was created using cracked software and stolen images. 

We had to recreate this website from the ground up – working on off the design that the previously created and approved. 

We had to move fast to get this website done on the original timeline. We were able to pull it off and create something wonderful out of the mess we were handed. 


Complete website design

Our client was looking for a simple, information style website that could hold a lot of distributor information and links. 

We were able to identify the two different paths that someone visiting the website would take and organized the more complex data into a simple and visual experience. 


Complete website design


This Site was designed to attract new clients to their painting business with a modern, clean design.

The site features many calls-to-action and forms to help convert visitors into leads into sales.



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