Want to know the quickest way to a better website? It starts with the story it tells. When your website is ugly and isn’t a great representation of your business, it can make you look unprofessional and can drive your potential customers to the competition.

As a Small Business Owner, you need to understand that you will lose sales to a bad website, and that’s why we’re here to help.

More often than not, having a bad website isn’t your fault. Maybe you worked with someone with very basic website design skills in the past who created something that didn’t really get results. Maybe you trusted a professional web design agency that made something pretty, but again, did nothing for your business besides cost a whole lot.

No matter how you got to where you are, it is okay. The first step is really to understand that you need more from your website. It needs to be effective to be a great representation of your business, which also gets your business more customers.

So how do you make your website better?

Often the best thing you can do is update what your website has to say. Focus on who your client is and what they need first, then position your business as the problem solver.

Your website should tell the story of the customer who needs your help. It should guide them through all the ways you can help them. How you help them better than your competition, how easy it is to work with you, and how completely you can solve their problem. If your website can do that – even if it isn’t the best-looking website – it will perform.

It will take your prospective customer on your journey through the story you tell and connect with them on a deep level. Even if you offer collision repair services, law services, or landscaping design, you have a story to tell that your customers want to be pulled into. Learn how to sell anything to anyone.

How to tell a better story to make your website more effective.

Here are 7 things you want to make sure your website addresses:

loveland web design effective website icon fast effective websites for your small business

Who is the customer you really want to work with?

Use that “image” in your photos and make sure you speak their language. Are they casual or professional? Younger or older people? The message to reach these audiences should be tailored to speak directly to your ideal client. Generally when websites try to speak to everyone – they end up speaking effectively to no one.

loveland web design effective website icon fast effective websites for your small business

How will your service make their life better?

Let your target audience know why they need you. What problem do you solve and what’s your service area? Do you come to them or do they go to your shop? Get to the point quickly here to avoid any confusion. It needs to be easy enough for a child to understand – the problem you solve and for whom.

loveland web design effective website icon fast effective websites for your small business

What makes you the better choice over the competition?

Highlight your attributes and showcase your strengths. Your potential customer needs to have clarity on why you’re the no-brainer. Any badges, awards, testimonials, guarantees, BBB A+, local Chamber of Commerce memberships, case studies – any thing that builds your authority as a trusted problem solver needs to be there.

loveland web design effective website icon fast effective websites for your small business

Exactly what is the next step for them to start working with you?

Keep it simple! Don’t send your potential customer on a wild goose chase to find you. Make it abundantly clear so they’re not wondering how to get in touch. If they have time to get frustrated, you’ll lose them to the other guy. A simple 3 step process to get your services is all you need. For example – Step 1. Get a free quote > Step 2. Schedule your service > Step 3. Enjoy the results.

loveland web design effective website icon fast effective websites for your small business

What exactly do you do? (in layman’s terms):

Forget the technical mumbo-jumbo or trying to sound impressive. All your customer really wants is the quick and dirty run-through of what you do, and how it will benefit them. Don’t overthink it by trying to sound cute or clever. People who are ready to buy don’t have time to waste trying to decipher your cryptic marketing message. They buy services from the businesses that explain what they do in the simplest terms every time.

loveland web design effective website icon fast effective websites for your small business

Who you are and why are you the right choice for them.

Relationship building starts with that first impression, don’t be afraid talk yourself up a bit. After all, YOU are the problem solver and make peoples live better. Don’t be afraid to show your face and be a little vulnerable. Let your customer know who you really are, and why you’re the right choice to meet their needs

If you just refresh your website copy to talk a bit more about these things, you will see a notable increase in the customers contacting you. These are the things we all want to know about any service or company we are going to work with. When we as consumers invest in something, we want to be assured we are making the best choice.

Your website can help highlight you as the best choice because it fully speaks to your perfect customer. When you clearly understand what problems they have, it helps them to understand how well you will help them solve this problem. And the best part, of course, is that it makes it super easy for them to work with you!

Telling a better story on your website is the quickest (and often most affordable) thing you can do to make your website more effective. It will pull website browsers in and connect with them, which will turn into customers contacting you to work with your business.

Is your business ready for a more effective website? Then start the conversation with us today!

Can small business websites be successful online? YES!

To get more customers and grow your business with your website you just need these 5 things. Websites that get results follow a proven plan for success that works year after year. Investing in an effective website will give your business a huge boost and grow your business faster.

Your business can standout online.